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Implement the best CRM cloud software in the world to empower your team, streamline your processes, increase conversions, and keep your customers coming back for more.

Astound Commerce is one of Salesforce’s leading implementation partners. With more than 200 certified architects and engineers, Astound has in-depth knowledge of various Salesforce technologies and business tools.

Astound Commerce

With a focus on customer success and robust, consistent processes, Astound leads its partners through complex projects with successful results.

Salesforce Implementation Experts

Astound can implement all the top Salesforce Cloud solutions with speed and expertise. Whether you’re looking to implement Salesforce for the very first time or you want to make your current system more robust, we can help.

The following Salesforce Cloud products will help you create more personalized experiences and build better relationships with your team and prospective customers.

Sales Cloud

Connect your sales team to service, commerce, and marketing data for a 360-degree view of your business operations and customer interactions. Sales Cloud will help you build stronger relationships with your customers and employees. It also gives users deeper insights with lead management, quoting tools, and forecasting tools—enabling your team to enhance sales processes and close deals faster.

Marketing Cloud

This incorporates intelligent automation to provide customers with relevant information at key moments. Marketing Cloud is built for both B2C and B2B brands to engage with customers at every stage of the relationship and create personalized digital experiences and interactions. Users can market from anywhere on desktop or mobile and analyze data or make spending decisions in real time.

Commerce Cloud

This is an industry-leading ecommerce solution for B2B and B2C brands. It offers users everything they need to get their online store off the ground and running. Its predictive intelligence platform, Einstein AI, predicts buyer habits and behaviors to create personalized experiences for customers.
Commerce Cloud also enables businesses to grow and scale quickly and powerfully. Its unified shopping experience and mobile-first capabilities give an edge over the competition by making shopping and buying a convenient and seamless process.

Service Cloud

This will help your customer service teams work smarter and faster by using various productivity tools that offer a comprehensive view of customers and every interaction with them. Add artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbots, connect customers with multiple solutions, and enable groups and communities to find answers to their questions with self-service portals. Your service teams can also automate manual tasks with built-in AI and support customers on any channel.

Community Cloud

With Community Cloud, businesses can launch business solutions intelligently and efficiently for customers, employees, and partners. Recruit, onboard, and manage partners using Community Cloud’s Partner Central template. Offer customers everything they need at each stage of the buyer’s journey to drive conversions and earn their loyalty. Generate revenue fast by creating a successful user experience for customers on any device. Community Cloud offers a wide range of solutions for your business needs.


CPQ stands for “configure, price, quote.” Salesforce CPQ is designed to make the entire sales process faster and easier. CPQ automates the quoting process and approvals, helps sales representatives create the best product combinations for customers, and controls discounting. It also helps sales representatives to close deals faster, allows businesses to manage service and product visibility online, and helps companies launch new revenue models.

Salesforce B2C​

Salesforce B2C Commerce empowers retailers to connect with shoppers wherever they are, at any time, on any device. When shoppers have a better experience online, they’re more likely to stick around through checkout and come back in the future to shop again. B2C Commerce helps businesses create personalized experiences for customers to drive greater value. Implementing a seamless transaction process can help you increase conversions and build greater brand loyalty.

Salesforce B2B

B2B commerce needs to facilitate easy access to suppliers and large-volume purchases online. Salesforce B2B will give your business 1) powerful shopping carts that can handle massive amounts of items per order, 2) authenticated sites for visitors, 3) a fast and easy reordering process, 4) complex shipping functionality, and 5) order history for each buyer

Astound’s Salesforce Implementation Process​

Astound’s implementation process is straightforward and fast. Here’s a brief overview of what it takes to plan and launch your website with Salesforce.

1. Consultation

We’ll ask you about your goals and objectives and see what you’re currently using. From there, we can come up with a game plan—our solution to help you best achieve those goals. We’ll recommend any additional integrations or customizations to reach your requirements while staying within your requested budget.

2. Configuration

After the planning stage comes configuring Salesforce to get it up and running optimally for your business. We may modify specific default settings and customize it to suit your company’s needs.

3. Integration

Next is the integration stage, where we enable Salesforce to work with add-ons like ecommerce platforms or other third-party systems. We will ensure all systems work together seamlessly.

4. Migration

Next, we’ll transfer your data from your old CRM to Salesforce, ensuring accuracy and avoiding system downtime or data loss.

5. Launch
After meticulous testing to ensure your new Salesforce CRM is ready to go live, we’ll launch your new platform and make it available to the public.

6. Ongoing Support

Even after launch, Astound will be available to provide ongoing support and training for your team. We’ll keep a sharp eye on your new platform to ensure everything continues to run smoothly. If you need an upgrade, extra support, or guidance, we’re here for you.

How Long Does It Take to Implement Salesforce?​

We’ve partnered with Salesforce to offer our customers a quick-start solution. For the consumer and essential goods sectors, we can get your CRM up and fully running in just two weeks. Our experienced team of architects and engineers will design a custom ecosystem built upon the best platform available to your business.

Salesforce Implementation Services by Astound​

Implementing a robust system like Salesforce requires specialized expertise. To take advantage of all the benefits and features Salesforce offers, you need developers who have a deep understanding of the platform’s distinct programming language and architecture.

Astound is proud to be named a Salesforce Platinum Partner for its Salesforce-specific knowledge and training, sales history, quality service, and high customer satisfaction. When you work with Astound, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands. We will implement and customize Salesforce to set your business up for success. We also offer ongoing support and website maintenance to ensure your new ecosystem runs smoothly over the long term.

Are you ready for your site to start running full force with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud, or CPQ?


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