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The Value of Sustainability to Your Brand

2023 Global Consumer Trends Report
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The value of sustainability to your brand

With the increasing prevalence of extreme climate events, global consumers expect brands to take urgent action. As a result, supporting research reveals that 1 in 3 consumers have stopped buying from brands due to environmental concerns, indicating that your inaction can have unfavorable implications.

How can you meet consumers’ sustainability expectations and achieve your revenue goals in 2023?

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Sustainability and Your Customer
How recent shifts in consumer behavior can impact your brand in 2023
In partnership with the global digital commerce platform Shopify, our latest consumer behavior report based on survey data from 1,000 global shoppers uncovers shifts in consumers’ behaviors regarding sustainability and their heightening expectations for brands to earnestly act on climate change.
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Younger consumers are using their purchasing power to effect climate change—compared to other demographics, Gen Z cohorts are the most influenced by your brand’s stance on environmental issues (62%).


Despite record-high inflation, 65% of global consumers would pay more for your sustainable product, led by 78% of consumers in the Middle East.


Read two case studies spotlighting eco-friendly brands Aromatherapy Associates and Mint Velvet demonstrating effective ways to message, engage consumers in your sustainability initiatives, and drive loyalty.

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