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Our Executive Steering Committee prides itself on our commitment to our colleagues and customers, passionately focused on creating shared success.

Executive Steering Committee

Bill Donlan
Global CEO
Ilya Vinogradsky
Cofounder and Chief Solutions Officer
Jerry Collazo
Chief Financial Officer
Vanessa Cartwright
President, UK & NA
Emma Sahota
Managing Director, Astound UK and MENA
Antoinette Aglialoro
Chief People Officer
Patrick Marquard
Managing Director, Continental Europe
Tina Sherman
Chief Growth Officer
Jesse Sage
EVP, Revenue Operations and Strategy
Ryan Dowling
Chief Revenue Officer

Astound DIGITAL Board of Directors

Astound is proud to be in strategic partnership with two renowned firms, RLH Equity Partners and Salesforce Ventures, and to have representatives from both firms serving as valued members of our Board of Directors.

Los Angeles–based RLH Equity Partners’ private equity investments aid entrepreneurs in driving growth at scale and enhancing competitive market differentiation. With a focus on operations and talent development, RHL’s investment and partnership are accelerating the pace at which Astound is moving toward its North Star goal.

Salesforce Ventures, the company’s corporate investment group, partners with high-potential companies through strategic capital investment. With an emphasis on enterprise cloud technology and market expansion, Salesforce Ventures’ trust in Astound is helping us realize our goal of becoming the world’s top provider of digital commerce services.

Tucker Stolberg
Associate Investor, RLH Equity Partners

Tucker has five years of experience advising the management teams of tech-enabled services businesses as they navigate the challenges of driving rapid growth.

Ari Adler
Vice President, RLH Equity Partners

Ari joined RLH in 2020 with experience in private equity and corporate strategy, including numerous in-depth engagements assisting portfolio company management teams with strategic initiatives to create value and improve systems. Ari focuses his attention on growth investments in technology services businesses.

Rob Rodin
CEO, General Partner, Managing Director, RLH Equity Partners

Rob’s experience includes over 35 years in operational roles and senior executive positions that include a decade as CEO and President of Marshall Industries. Rob’s transformation of that company turned a conventionally successful $250 million electronics industry distributor into a web-enabled $3 billion global competitor and was chronicled in his book Free, Perfect and Now: Connecting to the 3 Insatiable Customer Demands (Simon and Schuster).

Murray Rudin
Managing Director, RLH Equity Partners

Murray has contributed to the growth and success of many RLH portfolio companies since joining the firm in 1998. He is enthusiastic about building trusted partnerships with management teams to achieve their goals and finds great satisfaction in the collective success of building leading businesses.

Ilya Vinogradsky
Cofounder and Chief Solutions Officer, Astound Digital

Ilya leads our global Solutions Team to ensure the quality, scalability, and cohesion necessary to provide flexible, innovative solutions that maximize customer value.

Bill Donlan
Global CEO, Astound Digital

Bill leads the global team of 1,000+ Astound digital commerce specialists, setting and executing our vision and strategy. With 30+ years experience helping brands address their digital transformation needs, Bill is a thought leader across the Salesforce ecosystem, propelling growth, innovation, and excellence for Astound and its clients.

Igor Gorin
Cofounder, Astound Digital

Igor Gorin is co-founder of Astound, with more than 22 years’ experience leading and consulting enterprises on their global digital transformation and ecommerce initiatives. Under Igor’s leadership, Astound scaled to over 1,000 employees and 10 global locations to became a digital commerce leader, combining digital strategy, technology, and agency services to help world’s premier brands and retailers successfully implement, operate and grow their B2C, B2B and Omni-channel platforms and programs. Igor is a member of the Astound's Board of Directors and serves on the Compensation Committee. Igor also works with Bain & Company, Inc. as an External Advisor and participates as an investor in and an advisory board member to various startups.

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