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Astound helps companies transform front-office CRM processes and technologies. As a trusted Salesforce partner, we deliver intuitive digital experiences for employees and customers that achieve measurable, impactful results for our clients. We are outcome-driven, with an approach that blends business process improvement, user experience design and technology capability enablement to achieve top-line growth and bottom-line effectiveness.

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Sales Enablement

We provide tailored solutions to enhance your sales processes, improve revenue forecasting, and increase sales efficiency. Astound optimizes sales processes, enables better lead management, and facilitates effective forecasting and analytics. From Lead to Quote to CPQ and Billing, we enable your sales and revenue organizations.

Customer Service

Astound empowers your service teams with technology-enabled processes to improve customer satisfaction, reduce response times and enhance service quality. By providing a 360-degree view of every customer along with AI-driven insights and UX optimization, we enable the next generation of customer care and contact center effectiveness.

Field Service

We enable organizations to manage field operations with greater efficiency and accuracy. We help you optimize scheduling, improve resource management and provide mobile solutions that ensure real-time communication and customer satisfaction in the field.


Astound creates robust self-service solutions that empower your customers to find solutions independently, through the channel and screen of their choosing. Our implementations enhance user experience, reduce the burden on your customer service teams, and provide extensive analytics to continuously improve user interactions.

AI-Driven CRM

Harness the power of AI for bespoke customer interactions, increased employee productivity, and automated insights. We leverage AI analytics and Generative AI to make it easy for employees and customers to accomplish their goals, whether that be synthesized data insights, predictive analytics or cutting-edge generative AI driven experiences.

Philip Safir

VP, Delivery

We partner with our clients to deliver business results, tailored customer experiences and delightful employee processes via the Salesforce platform. We're outcome driven and embrace innovation.
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