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Customer Strategy

Navigating your consumer & business needs

Astound integrates our services within a comprehensive strategy that places consumers at the forefront. This approach incorporates your business goals while strategically navigating industry trends and the competitive landscape, fostering your success. Together, we craft strategic roadmaps and track your business's progress, always keeping consumer needs and intent at the core.

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Strategic Direction

We offer strategic consulting services across all project phases, starting from business case creation and ROI Modeling, to market and user research, consumer experience strategy, technology evaluation and product roadmapping.

User Research & Market Analysis

Through meticulous user research and comprehensive market analysis, we gain invaluable insights that drive informed decision-making and ensure the development of solutions perfectly attuned to consumer needs and market demands.

Experience Design

We craft consumer strategies inclusive of customer journeys and personas, aiming to define an ideal experience, seamlessly enabled by technology, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Data Strategy & Assessment

To unlock the transformative power of AI and technology, we craft tailored strategies to establish the optimal foundation for your success.

Organizational Assessment

By conducting thorough organizational assessments, we empower our clients to harness technological advantages to their fullest potential, ensuring seamless integration and optimal utilization within their operations.


We specialize in comprehensive strategic planning, technical analysis and product roadmapping to ensure cohesive product execution.

Technology Evaluation

We provide expert consultation on technical excellence to define the most suitable setup, estimate associated efforts, and demonstrate the total cost of ownership, return on investment, and the value it delivers to your customers.

Value Modeling

We provide models of the value associated with implementing the recommendations from our assessments and evaluations, aligned to your strategic objectives and KPIs identified through our engagement with your business stakeholders.
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