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Tapping the Power of Your Customer Data

Astound harnesses and operationalizes the power of your data, leveraging predictive and generative AI to deliver insights, intelligence and outcomes across your organization.  

We start by building a unified data foundation that fuels AI. Artificial intelligence is having a powerful and wide-ranging impact on Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce and overall business processes. We integrate AI and data competency into business strategies, driving operational efficiencies that enable new innovative product and service offerings.

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Astound applies GenAI into tactical acceleration points throughout the lifecycle of our projects, collaborating with our clients in a GPT workspace. We believe trust is paramount, and incorporate guardrails, guidelines and feedback mechanisms for safe and successful outcomes.

Data Strategy

We build plans to organize, collect, manage, utilize, activate and secure your data to support business objectives. We help you obtain, resolve, manage and activate zero- and first-party customer and account data, within a single view, to fuel marketing, sales, product/merchandising and service.

Data Prep,
Transformation and

We inventory and assess your data for prep and transformation to ensure data quality and accuracy for modeling and platform ingestion. We evaluate environments where data is joined and processed, helping you retire technical debt and eliminate redundancies/realize workflow efficiencies.

Intelligence & Analytics

Astound pulls together the treasure trove of information isolated in disparate systems across your business, creating consolidated dashboards, visualizations and attribution models to power data-driven decision-making. This includes ensuring that data is collected in a meaningful way.

CRM Optimization & Efficiencies Driven by AI

We developed a suite of AI- and data-driven Salesforce Accelerators on the robust Salesforce Einstein1 platform and other prevailing GPT technologies.  Our customers reap the benefits of these innovations, including more space for your differentiating, strategic initiatives.

Erika McGrath

Global VP, Salesforce Data Cloud and Martech

Today, the most seasoned marketers are grappling with how to meet, much less exceed, prospect and customer expectations. Astound focuses on helping our clients understand their customers through harnessing and activating their owned and other customer data.

Joseph Kubon

Global VP - Salesforce Practice Lead

AI is reshaping CX and delivery in revolutionary ways at unprecedented speed. We empower AI to make actionable decisions and enhance CX, prioritizing Time to Value principles for maximizing your strategic ROI to differentiate you in the market.
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