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Refashioned for Digital Dominance

Aiming to drive more revenue through digital, AllSaints turns to Astound


Founded in London in 1994, the global fashion brand AllSaints now boasts over 150 retail locations worldwide and sells menswear, womenswear, footwear, and accessories to more than 2 million customers every year. But the brand was eager to expand its global reach and sell cool clothes that make you look and feel good to even more people around the world.

To achieve that goal, AllSaints needed to further improve support for its growing customer base and drive more revenue through its online storefront, but its in-house legacy platform was stunting its digital growth. The company carefully curates everything about its style and creativity, so a new site needed to do more than just provide a seamless omnichannel experience. It had to capture the cool confidence that characterizes the brand. Impressed by our deep knowledge of Salesforce and proven ability to bring fashion and retail brands to vivid life online, AllSaints selected Astound to complete the digital transformation that would drive its expansion.


AllSaints wanted to dramatically increase ecommerce sales over the next five years, but the brand’s impressive growth was already straining its legacy platform. With more and more sales happening online, the platform required extensive operational management to execute business operations and resolve customer issues, and its limited back-office tools made it difficult for employees to update content and merchandising. Customers were also starting to express dissatisfaction with their online experiences, which posed a major obstacle to the brand’s ambitious goals. 

What AllSaints needed was a complete digital overhaul. The new site had to offer a fast, seamless customer experience, one that would unite customers’ online and offline brand interactions into a cohesive omnichannel journey. And it had to achieve all that while showcasing the brand’s iconic style. 


We conducted in-depth conversations and workshops with AllSaints to understand the strategic vision, business objectives, brand aesthetic, and customer proposition for the new platform. With those in mind, we decided to implement a complete UX and UI overhaul and a fresh rollout that would elevate the brand’s digital standing. To ensure that AllSaints’ strong style and branding came across online, the project included creative direction as well as ongoing UX and UI support. 

Given AllSaints’ focus on international growth and need for best-in-class functionality, Salesforce Commerce Cloud had been preselected for its peerless UX and robust multi-site management features.


We optimized Commerce Cloud specifically for AllSaints’ and its customers’ needs with a series of key third-party integrations: we added user-generated content via Olapic to foster brand engagement; upgraded the checkout experience by incorporating progressive payment options including Apple Pay via Adyen; and allowed for localized site, checkout, and payments with Global-e so that customers could engage in their native language and pay in local currency. 

Other notable integrations included:

  • Emarsys for email and CRM
  • Avalara for tax calculations on US site
  • Forter for real-time fraud validation
  • Loqate for address lookup and verification

Throughout the process, we collaborated closely with AllSaints’ internal teams to create a modern look and feel that captured the brand’s aesthetic. To ensure the best-in-class UX that customers expect from premium brands like AllSaints, we took a fine-tooth comb to the site architecture. Among other achievements, we cut an onerous seven-plus-page checkout process down to just one page.  

To relieve the workload of internal teams, we implemented Salesforce Page Designer to provide an easy, user-friendly method of managing and scheduling content that would allow AllSaints to bring powerful, vivid storytelling to life without enlisting developer assistance. 


AllSaints’ future-proof platform is designed to ensure that the company can achieve its robust digital goals over the next five years and beyond. 

  • Three best-in-class storefronts launched in a single month, targeting the UK, the US, and the rest of the world
  • Seamless UX with a modern aesthetic that captures the essence of the AllSaints brand
  • An integrated omnichannel experience that boosts sales online and off



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