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Crafting a Trusted Brand Identity

Astound partners with ecommerce verification solution to deliver a modern mission of trust and transparency


When doing business digitally, it can be challenging to ascertain the legitimacy of online purveyors and the quality of their products. Founded during the pandemic when fraud was at its peak, Detected enables buyers to find a product, tap their Detected icon, and review a business’s credentials in real time. This automated, rapid insight enables marketplaces and businesses to reduce fraud, accelerate trading, and grow revenue faster.


Detected wanted to deliver services that would provide quick, easy, and reliable vetting of online businesses, enabling buyers and sellers to trade with confidence. Additionally, the company wanted to evolve its brand to appeal to a growing audience, develop a more modern and relevant feel, and establish brand individuation in its field.


To help it become the first internationally recognized mark of trust for online marketplaces and enable buyers and sellers to trade with confidence, Astound worked with Detected to create a cohesive brand identity that would convey trust and position it as a true pioneer in its sector.

We began by giving the old logo a facelift, refining it by softening its stag symbol, and pairing it with a contemporary lowercase wordmark. We then introduced a new, vibrant colour palette and upgraded typography, creating an engaging and cohesive brand experience across all channels, from web and social content to corporate communications and advertising.

Next, we partnered with 3-D artist Maxim Kroft to create a suite of 3-D assets central to the brand identity. These assets are inspired by Lidar (laser radar), a technology that uses differences in laser return times and wavelengths to make digital 3-D representations of a target.

We also worked closely with Detected to develop their website and application portal. Through considered and carefully crafted UX design, we created an easy-to-use dashboard, portal, and website with a unique and bespoke user journey that successfully meets the needs of both individual businesses and marketplace owners.

“Everything Astound has done for Detected has been first class. It is because of this partnership that we have a brand that is recognisable, scalable, and will stand the test of time. [They are] a team of very talented people who I have thoroughly enjoyed working with. I look forward to all of the work we will do together in the future.

—Liam Chennells, CEO, Detected


The result of our collaboration is a fresh, energetic, and modern visual system that encapsulates the Detected mission of trust and transparency and enables the brand to secure further funding.

Equipped with this new robust brand identity, we anticipate that Detected will continue to evolve powerfully and organically, successfully meeting all challenges as it dominates in its field.



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