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Retooling the Construction Experience

An engaging redesign increases site traffic and exceeds click goals


Home ownership is an aspiration that’s global in scope. It’s no surprise, then, that the construction and home improvement industries have remained robust through all recent economic fluxes. Further, the already tight housing stock situation has only worsened over the past two years, spiking demand for new construction.

That put Wagner SprayTech in an enviable position. As a leader in advanced paint applicators, Wagner produces the high quality and highly versatile tools demanded by the home improvement, commercial painting, and industrial fine finishing sectors. But Wagner needed an ecommerce presence that matched its products. The company ultimately turned to MarketForce, a Digital River enterprise recently acquired by Astound, for guidance.


Wagner and its user experience (UX) partners agreed that the company needed to enhance the customer brand experience and the pre-to-post-purchase digital journey. Achieving that goal required a thoroughly revamped website that could deliver content across all platforms––desktop, tablet, and mobile. The site also had to provide for easy content updating and ecommerce functionality support.


The UX and performance marketing teams deployed multiple programs––creative services, SEO services, paid media, and analytics services––as it designed a modern and compelling website and implemented strategies to strengthen product awareness through multiple digital channels.


The team’s redesign was both innovative and thorough, resulting in a new website that performed spectacularly on all platforms and allowed the company precise control over web content and ecommerce functions.

To achieve its ends, the team migrated the website from a legacy content management system (CMS) to WordPress; provided optimized navigation through product selection, product information, and customer support; incorporated SEO best practices to ensure all webpages were optimized for search engine rank during the full site migration; implemented Google Tag Manager for quick marketing program launch and improved site performance; deployed Google Analytics custom metrics to capture data for improved website experiences; and activated a full-funnel digital media strategy that included new campaigns across search, social, and display.


  • Wagner now provides its customers with sophisticated, exciting, and deeply engaging online experiences. Navigation is far easier, page loads are lightning fast, and shoppers can buy products and parts online at any time of the day or night, 24/7.
  • Full pre-and-post product support is provided on all desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms
  • Website maintenance has been simplified, allowing easy content management by the Wagner SprayTech marketing team
  • Site traffic increased dramatically due to sagacious SEO migration planning
  • Click goals were exceeded within eight months thanks to the high-quality audiences delivered via effective paid media campaigns



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